• AISC Certified Simple Bridges

Being designated a simple bridge shop allows Di Highway Sign & Structure to produce a wide spectrum of bridge rail projects. We have produced rail for bridges as small as thirty foot culvert bridges or as large as the Ogdensburg Prescott Memorial Bridge. Being certified lets are customers know that they are purchasing a quality product from an experienced firm.

  • WBE Certified

WBE Certification simply states that Di Highway Sign & Structure is classified as a Woman Owned Business. If our customers are looking for the important minority credit for a contract that they are bidding they can purchase our material and earn the credit for anything that Di Highway supplies to them.

Quality Control


At Di Highway Sign & Structure every product that is produced is inspected for quality before being shipped. Every single weld is looked over by qualified members of our Quality Control Department.

We have three employees in house that are certified to inspect our welders' work. Our Quality Control Manager is a certified CWI inspector at the AWS QC1 level and is also a certified welding educator at the AWS QC5 level. While our Quality Control Assistant and Assistant Manager are certified CWI inspectors at the AWS QC1 level.

When an in house inspector will not satisfy the inspection requirements for a specific contract Di Highway will bring in a New York State Inspector to work with our Quality Control Department.



All of our welders here at Di Highway Sign and Structure are certified to produce product conforming to the following standards:

  • Flux Core Welding Process according to AWS D1.5 specifications

  • NYS DOT Steel Construction Manual